Where Design Meets Development

We built a visual website builder that feels like the graphic design softwares you know and love.

Over the years and as we grew, we realized the need for transparency and control internally and with our customers. Today Gilad Krein uses the best technological tools to allow all this to happen. From building Gantts of work and schedules, budgetary control, managing a complex set of tasks with many key people in the organization to controlling working hours on tasks down to the minute level. All these tools allow us to provide clients with software development projects and building complex websites on time while meeting budgets and everything is under control and mirroring with you, our clients.


Bringing teams together like never before

At Gilad Krein we manage a number of quality development teams, which respond to the need to build complex websites or develop dedicated software, which allows us to specialize in a large number of technologies, on the server side: PHP-Laravel, nodeJS, Go and on the client side: users of Vue, REACT, Angular , CSS3 , Webpack
We manage all versions in Git, releasing versions is done professionally and in three stages: Testing, Staging, Production which guarantees you a quality and professional product. Everything is managed on Amazon’s AWS servers. Gilad Krein complies with the strictest professional standards, including the W3C security standard, ISO27001 and the Israeli accessibility standard

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