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Hi, if you have reached this page, you probably want to develop a system or an application and are looking to team up with Gilad Krein a technology partner – a development company that can develop and turn your ideas into reality.
That’s what we’re here for.

Gilad Krein

Where Design Meets Development

Our recommendation is simple:

If there are no penguins flying in the air in your application, i.e. it is not a game with complex graphics – go for Hybrid development. The costs will be reduced by half and the technology that exists today enables very high performance unlike in the past.
In that case you simply develop and maintain one system and save a lot of money!

Gilad Krein have several development teams, which allows us to specialize in a large number of technologies.

And now to speak for itself - systems and applications

For applications, semi-native, the flutter is of course the rising star that Google has developed and strengthened in recent years, which provides a particularly high performance / compatibility ratio.
We of course support:
Native components
React native or native script
Phone gap
cordova/ionic how much does it cost?

The cost of course depends on the size and complexity of the project, but so that you know what you are going for, here are some numbers:
The cost range of software development projects starts at NIS 100,000 + tax.
The costs of development teams are varied and vary depending on the technology expertise and the number of years of experience of the programmer.

Gilad Krein

Team Features

Gilad Krein

Offshore development company

Recently there are many companies and/or individuals presenting themselves as development managers or project managers who can lead your development “for no money” or “for half the cost”. The reality is of course very different from these promises and this is from personal experience! Communication is very difficult, management is extremely challenging, code quality is very low.
So my recommendation is if you need a prototype – go for it with Gilad Krein.

Gilad Krein

Software development

What is ? With this method, resources are evaluated, employees are charged according to the resources actually consumed. Usually a month a month.
Advantages: Management and control at a very high level on the project. There is a chance that the total cost will be lower than we initially estimated. There is complete flexibility regarding changes and prioritization of tasks. That is, if you, the customers, suddenly decide that you want to change something, you simply decide and demand that it happen.
Disadvantages: If you are not under close management, the project may drag on and the cost will be accordingly. Gilad Krein.

Gilad Krein

reasonable price

What is ? You get a final fixed price for the whole project. That is, we, the software house, perform assessments and add various and working hours for all kinds of various complications that are expected and determine the price.
Advantages: There is a defined budget for the project.
Disadvantages: lack of flexibility. That means you as a customer have no flexibility to add, change and move anything. Everything is priced and any change will have financial consequences. not nice.
High tension between the customer and the supplier and the possibility of crisis management. why? If the software house made a mistake or simply got involved in the development process, it puts the system under pressure and ultimately it damages the customer-supplier relationship.

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